At Point.360 we automate, accelerate, manage, and securely control the movement of high-value digital content within and between organizations and ecosystems. Point.360’s accelerated file-based workflows streamline digital media supply chain management operations from production through delivery of digital files - enabling customers to take advantage of new business models, reduce costs, and monetize their digital media. Point.360 has partnered with major studios and broadcasters to provide a digital media supply chain solution to manage and distribute episodic television series and feature films in multiple languages, in multiple formats to various platforms, all around the world.  By doing so they have reduced cost, time to market, and more importantly, the potential for piracy of their valuable assets.  They have captured new revenue opportunities and are poised to take advantage of future business models as technology evolves.

POINT.360 is the industry leading expert in the migration from tape to files. In fact, we are one of the only companies left in this space that maintains legacy format equipment, which ensures our clients that we can essentially convert any format including 3-track 1/2" rangertone, to all formats of optical and mag,.even 17.5! by converting your physical assets into digital assets you are preserving them for future use and accessibility. Moreover, you will enable yourself to take advantage of the new business models that this new digital world opens up. You will now be able to monetize your high value assets across myriad of distribution platforms from the internet.


Unlock the potential of your film or tape library!

Point360 has the largest toolkit for restoration of newly captured and archival material which results in the most effective and efficient solution to restore your picture and audio content. We employ many talented and highly experienced restoration professionals.

Grain/Noise Reduction: A.R.T. - Advanced Restoration Tools:

New proprietary service designed to remove undesired grain, video and camera noise from new and legacy content. It is resolution independent. Image can be restored to exemplary level for today's viewing displays. It is ideal for new content that has been captured digitally and older content for Blu-ray release. A.R.T. is a collaborative process that ensures the clients' look of preference is achieved without artifacts.

Digital Pixel Repair:

A proprietary system that fixes dead pixels or other continuous artifacts from digital cameras.

Film Aberrations:

4K/2K pin registered scanning by only Imagica XE Advanced Plus wetgate scanner in the country is located at Point.360.Scratches and other surface imperfections are eliminated or significantly reduced during the wetgate scan process and there is no generation loss. With this scan, digital cleanup time is drastically reduced.

Visual Improvement Processing (VIP):

The latest version of a remarkable digital process which dramatically improves video masters by removing or reducing film dirt and scratches, and reducing video noise and drop-outs. When used scene-by-scene, VIP provides low cost restoration of marginal material. May be used at the time of film-to-tape transfer, standards conversion, cloning/sub-mastering or duplication.

Digital Restoration Services:

A powerful set of tools, specifically developed to go beyond the capability of VIP Processing to remove or reduce major picture defects without introducing artifacts. This process is much faster and less expensive than hand painting for film originated defects (large dirt, vertical scratches, stains, tears, and visible splices). It can also reduce flicker and color "breathing," provide 3:2 Cadence Correction and reduce video defects such as creases, hits, and TBC linefills.


Point.360 houses the full spectrum of Audio services and employs the most talented audio engineers in the business.


Content is King! But only if you can manage it properly!

Point.360 offers a comprehensive Digital Asset Management Software as a Service (SaaS). It is a ready-to-use multi-tenant, cost-effective and feature-rich content and workflow management platform which is accessible from anywhere in the world.

It allows you to take control of your digital assets and associated business processes, and manage them throughout the entire digital media life cycle, from creation, through processing and distribution, to preservation.

Whatever industry you work in – entertainment, broadcast, sports, news, museums – Point.360 will benefit your organization by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

360° is a hosted solution that is usage-based and can scale to include as many users as required and you don’t need to be an IT expert to set-up or use the system. If you can navigate a website, you can use Point.360.

360° is a service, not just a piece of software, and it is backed up by a full range of supporting media services including digitization, cataloguing, editorial, restoration, subtitling, dubbing, delivery and mastering, and digital offline archiving to protect your content.

360° - putting you in control of your assets.

Key attributes of our SaaS system are:

  • • Requires no customer-owned/managed hardware, software or other infrastructure except Internet access. All hardware and software is managed by the Point.360 at our secure and high availability data center.
  • • IT resources and their management are included in the fee. Customer need not allocate any IT resources to the project.
  • • Pay only for functions used and the time that they are used, with billing methods enabling flexibility to "get in or get out" at certain points of the billing cycle.
  • • The multi-tenant architecture means that all users run the same software code and multiple organizations share the application software, though each organization can only see its own data.


The Point.360 Digital media ecosystem is a fully secure global infrastructure optimized to move high resolution media at the fastest possible speeds. Whether it is simple secure file delivery with forensic tracking, or distribution to the dizzying array of current and emerging platforms, we have the solution to meet your exacting standards.

The point.360 digital media ecosystem is entrusted by our largest studio, broadcast and agency clients to move valuable media assets on a weekly basis. A lot of the television shows that YOU SEE on tV today move across our network. We ensure that the right file, in the right format is delivered to the right destination anywhere in the world and to any platform.


In today’s world, maintaining business continuity is of paramount importance. Your media and other special items require protection from dust, heat, and humidity, as well as safekeeping from fire and water damage, theft or loss. That is why off-site storage should become an integral part of your company's business continuity program. The Point.360 Media Center facility is ideally suited for any and all types of media.

Today over 500,000 film and video elements are safely stored and managed at the Point.360 Media Center. The care and security of film, video and audio elements can never be taken for granted. If not stored properly, materials deteriorate and your elements can rapidly become worthless.

The Point.360 Media Center difference:

  • • Temperature controlled, laboratory-clean environment.
  • • Web-based, secure online inventory access.
  • • Electronic tracking of elements throughout the production process.
  • • An in-house fleet of vehicles.
  • • MPAA compliant.
  • • Stand-alone, windowless structure
  • • 24/7/365 monitoring and access to media on deposit in vault
  • • Card-reader access control
  • • Security cameras document all activity at media vault entry gate and interior
  • • Temperature, dust and humidity controls maintain 68 degree temp and 40 percent humidity
  • • All items are bar-coded
  • • Tracking system allows for items to be queried and ordered via Live.360
  • • Dedicated Vaults available

Point.360 can help you defend against the damage caused by poor storage and dangerous environmental conditions. In addition, Point.360 provides the means to store all of your material under one roof where it can be cared for and serviced without ever leaving.

The Point.360 Media Center is a 45,000 square foot facility that has been specifically designed to provide high-end element security in a climate-controlled environment where your elements will be stored with confidence. At the Media Center, conveniently located between Glendale and downtown Los Angeles, the utmost care is given to protect your material from piracy, theft and unauthorized viewing. The Media Center storage facility exceeds stringent Los Angeles seismic requirements and a dry "pre-action" fire, life, safety system further protects your material as there is no chance of inadvertent water release.


Consulting Services

We build workflows that work!

Need to figure out how to take advantage of the myriad of digital media platforms distribution methods? Turn to Point.360 to help you define your solution!

Take advantage of the ready to use Point.360 Digital Media Ecosystem of accelerated workflows or have our professional services team design a custom workflow that will meet your exacting standards and objectives. We have demonstrable experience and expertise to deliver solutions that just work!

Point.360 provides Consulting and Solutions Architecture services in the areas of digital media management, content distribution, media search/retrieval, image/video processing, encryption and compression, streaming and multicasting, video-on-demand, digital rights management, HD and broadcast quality digital video, workflow, and integration. The Point.360 team has been a provider of digital media centric solutions for a broad range of industries, with clients serviced including major studios, broadcasters, ad agencies and educational institutions.