Point.360 has the largest toolkit for restoration of newly captured and archival material which results in the most effective and efficient solution to restore your picture and audio content.


Grain/Noise Reduction: A.R.T. - Advanced Restoration Tools

New proprietary service designed to remove undesired grain, video and camera noise from new and legacy content. It is resolution independent. Image can be restored to exemplary level for today's viewing displays. It is ideal for new content that has been captured digitally and older content for Blu-ray release. A.R.T. is a collaborative process that ensures the clients' look of preference is achieved without artifacts.

Digital Pixel Repair

A proprietary system that fixes dead pixels or other continuous artifacts from digital cameras.

Film Aberrations

4K/2K pin registered scanning by only Imagica XE Advanced Plus wetgate scanner in the country is located at Point.360. Scratches and other surface imperfections are eliminated or significantly reduced during the wetgate scan process and there is no generation loss. With this scan, digital cleanup time is drastically reduced.

Visual Improvement Processing (VIP)

The latest version of a remarkable digital process which dramatically improves video masters by removing or reducing film dirt and scratches, and reducing video noise and drop-outs. When used scene-by-scene, VIP provides low cost restoration of marginal material. May be used at the time of film-to-tape transfer, standards conversion, cloning/submastering or duplication.

Digital Restoration Services

A powerful set of tools, specifically developed to go beyond the capability of VIP Processing to remove or reduce major picture defects without introducing artifacts. This process is much faster and less expensive than hand painting for film originated defects (large dirt, vertical scratches, stains, tears, and visible splices). It can also reduce flicker and color "breathing," provide 3:2 Cadence Correction and reduce video defects such as creases, hits, and TBC linefills.


Legacy Playback and Restoration

  • • Playback available for many legacy formats including 3-track 1/2" Rangertone, to all formats of Optical and Mag... even 17.5!
  • • Restoration using the most cutting edge restoration tools available and talent who has superb restoration experience.