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Company Overview

Point.360 (symbol PTSX) is a full-service audio-visual asset management company. We are building upon our long tradition of service to the entertainment and advertising industries to create complete solutions for all time-starved corporations that need to be competitive in the digital world.

For over thirty years Point.360 has been a leading provider of media services to the media and entertainment industries. We have consistently delivered professional service and reliability. Point.360 is an enterprise that actively collaborates with clients to design customized solutions that fit seamlessly into the way they already do business. At Point.360, when clients stand inside our circle, they have access to a 360-degree solution for all their asset needs.

Point.360 continues to offer traditional services, including Telecine, HDTV services, encoding, duplication and asset tracking for long-form programming. The Company is actively expanding to deliver new services for the management and enhancement of digital formats, utilizing technologies for sound and visual effects, storage, digital asset management, transmission, access, streaming and viewing.

What separates us from competitors is that technology is just the starting point for our services. We've worked side-by-side with our clients to meet deadlines and deliver quality service. Our shared history tells us what assets mean to them and how they work inside of their worlds. This lets us apply cutting-edge technology to the design of solutions that fit customers' needs. It saves clients from shopping 20 different vendors for services that interact poorly and fail to address the overall mission of their companies. With Point.360, their assets will live in an environment that is constantly inventing ways to leverage their value.

The largest studios and networks have entrusted their assets to us. The same expertise that inspired that trust continues to serve these clients, but we are adding even greater value and will extend our services to corporations around the world that now depend on audio-visual and digital materials.


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